M&M Metals

Specialty Job Shop

 With our Specialty Shop, our customers are able to come in with a concept of what is needed, and we will make that concept a reality. We focus on the fabrication of products that have a specific size, application or material requirement. We work with many different industries to meet their specific needs, from aerospace to commercial kitchens, homeowners and general contractors. The sky is the limit!

 We use many type of materials in our fabrication based on the specific needs for the finished product. With many years of fabrication experience in company, we are ready and able to discuss your project, then application in which it will be used, and help design the product to insure a perfect fit and a lasting product.  


Duct Covers and Vent Hoods

Custom fabricated vent hood, texture powder coated.

What do i need?

Duct covers and vent hoods are two different products that may be used together, or individually to achieve the same goal. A vent hood typically has all of the moving parts, the fan, lights, filter, etc., and it covers the cooking surface like a big funnel. A duct cover will act as an extension form the vent hood to the ceiling. If you are needing one of these items fabricated, just ask for our Specialty Shop Supervisor. 

Vent hoods

A vent hood is the main body of an exhaust system. The main purpose of this product is to remove smoke, steam,  and odors. Although we do not manufacture the internal parts of the vent hood hood, we produce custom housings for these parts. Custom designs, colors and installation is where we stand out. With a design concept, and a pre-manufactured insert, we can produce any style you may be looking for.

Duct covers

A duct cover is a product that merely covers a critical part of an exhaust system. The duct work or exhaust line helps move air outside of the space which sometimes needs to be hidden. A great way to do this is with a duct cover. We offer the fabrication of these when a vent hood is purchased from a box store or supplier, but does not include a duct cover that fits the application(i.e. vaulted ceilings, sloped ceilings).

How do i order?

It is super easy! Give us a call or shoot an email in with all of your information, and we will get you a quote. Most importantly, have all of the dimensions and material type for us to give an accurate quote. 


If you have a question about something that was not covered here, do not hesitate to call us up and we will get you the information you need.


Installation of duct covers and vent hoods can be tricky, but we have a great team of experienced technicians to get your project installed and looking good. In the installation process, we typically send a technician out to assess the project, take all of the necessary dimensions, and help plan out the finished product. If you want to have a turnkey install, just ask for someone in Specialty Service.